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Sewing Family Charity. What we're doing

We're here to teach sewing practice and promote inclusivity within our local community.


Our Mission 


To work with local councils, organisations and industry to provide safe sewing workrooms


To support the strong sewing cultural heritage within different ethnic communities, refugee families as they pass their sewing skills onto their children and thus continuing their cultural tradition and practising sustainable garment making methods


We'll promote family bonding through adult and parent & child sewing workshops


We intend to teach looked after children skills in sewing, customisation and sustainable fashion garment making


To train beneficiaries for machinist employment within the fashion industry


To play our part in reducing local toxic fashion footprint

Our Vision

Collaborative through linking with local councils, organisations, charities and industry to create new sustainable opportunities 

Empowerment by teaching sustainable sewing skills to those looking for future employment within the industry and confidence to families and children through sustainable clothes making, repair and customisation

Bonding families and groups to learn sustainable sewing, customisation and repair skills together, promoting cultural heritage and a sense of togetherness

Support through teaching relevant sewing skills, backed up by mentoring and industry training

Positive Mental Wellbeing by enabling a sense of achievement and mindfulness in all of our beneficiaries when they focus on learning to hand and machine sew

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About our Founder & Director

Hi there, my name is Caroline Gration and this is me.


I’m the founder and director of the Sewing Family. I’ve been in the fashion industry for 39 years in conjunction with working as a university lecturer and running the award winning The Fashion School CIC Ltd as a non profit organisation teaching sustainable and inclusive fashion to children. 


I’ve seen it all with fashion, good and bad, but it’s the good I’ve focussed on with help from some generous designer and brands who’ve kindly donated fabric and equipment. My experience includes working with councils, charities, schools and Cadogan Estate whilst creating refugee, repair and children in care workshops, preserving cultural sewing techniques and creating opportunities for families to bond. 


I live in London and spend time in Brighton as part of my business is there. I’m a mother of two lovely girls, Betty and Céleste. The lovely latter is a trustee within the charity and building up the website, so it really is a Sewing Family! 

Caroline on the right with daughter Celeste on the left


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